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Common Questions & Terminology

I received my fixed candle. Now what do I do?

I recommend you spiritually cleanse yourself and your personal space in whatever way you're comfortable with, i.e., spiritual bathing, sage/palo santo smudging, florida water,etc.
After spiritually cleansing as needed--although the candle is fixed & ready upon arrival--you should still state your own prayers/intentions as you light the candle. After this, you can proceed to visualize & meditate on your preferred outcome as often as you'd like throughout the candle burning process, which can last anywhere from 4-7 days; depending on the candle & also whether you let the candle burn continuously or not.

What does 'fixed' mean?

A 'fixed' candle means that the candle has been ritually cleansed, blessed & prepared for it's spiritual purpose with various prayers, intentions and herbs.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is an energy healing modality where universal healing energy is channeled via the physical body/practitioner to another person/place/object. Reiki is a divinely intelligent energy that goes where it's directed yet also to where ever it's needed the most. ('Rei'= spiritual/supernatural; 'Ki' = vital/life force energy)

What is spiritual bathing?

Spiritual bathing is an ancient staple in several spiritual/religious traditions but especially in Afro-american/African based spirituality & culture. Spiritual baths are herbal infused, ritually prepared baths for specific purposes, i.e., cleansing/removal of negative energy, protection from negative energy/entities, increasing prosperity, peace, blessings, love, etc
Spiritual baths can taken as often as needed, and/or on a regular basis as a form of spiritual hygiene, spiritual protection & spiritual alchemy.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire & heal human beings with their energy/natural gifts, and to actively participate in the planet’s evolution. Here's a link for more info on Starseeds:

What is Hoodoo/Conjure?

Hoodoo (also known as rootwork,conjure) is southern folk magic based in centuries of African American heritage within the southern United States. It is important to note, that Hoodoo is NOT Voodoo (Vodou). Hoodoo/Conjure blends together the esoteric technology of Congo slaves that were taken from Africa in the slave trade, combined with Native American herbal knowledge, bits of European folk magic and Jewish mysticism.
Hoodoo is NOT a religion, it is a magical system infused with the blood,sweat,tears, resourceful intelligence & resilience of enslaved POC (people of color).

I'm new to spirituality, where do I even begin to start???

First & foremost, know that you are already on a spiritual path just by being born, it's just that now you're becoming more conscious & active on your life path.

Second, try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed as there's so much spiritual information out there with many people who claim to be the experts on what is right/wrong/true. So pace yourself, let your curiosity & your heart lead you as you read, listen and research various spiritual systems. You will come across truths & knowledge that resonates/really speaks to you on a soul level, you'll know something is right for you because you'll feel it confirm or awaken something within you. A nice book to start would be The Kybalion (aka the 7 Hermetic Principles), as it teaches spiritual alchemy which lays a solid foundation for any path/spiritual system you resonate with due to the fact that these principles are universal. Here's the blog post series I wrote on the hermetic laws:

And lastly, I always recommend honoring your ancestors & nurturing your relationship with them as they are your 1st line of support, protection and guidance as you grow on your spiritual path, also in conjunction with that, there's a mirroring/mutually symbiotic relationship between you & your ancestors, meaning that as you heal, ascend & evolve so do they. This happens due to the fact that your ancestors continue to live through you via your blood/essence. It's about paying it forward because one day, you'll be an ancestor yourself, needing/wanting that same acknowledgement, appreciation & respect from your descendants/relatives/etc.

In closing, I hope this was helpful for you and if you need more guidance on your spiritual path, you can always book me for a reading/consultation. :)

I live in another country, phone based readings are inconvenient for me. How can I still book a reading with you?

Not a problem, just send me an email at and we can set up either a video chat session or another alternative. Make sure to pay AFTER we confirm/set up the session. Thank You :)

How do I book a service with you?

There is a menu at the very top of the page, directly under my logo. It says 'book online', click that link and it'll take you to a calendar with my available days & times. There are limited days available every month. It's first come, first serve. :)