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Indigo Smokes is a free-spirited, evolving brand that promotes mind-body-soul balance, self-care, self-expression, self mastery, metaphysical living and chill vibes.

Stay tuned for future posts, insights and for my organic herbal smoke blends, which will be specially blended for emotional & metaphysical healing. 


August 27, 2018

Well, I didn't sit down and brainstorm the name, it moreso just came to me one day and since I'm naturally drawn to symbolism, I didn't have to think about the meaning behind the name, I just subconsciously understood and liked it based on what I already knew about col...

August 17, 2018

My journey with anxiety alongside depression has been a long, emotional rollercoaster ride,to say the least. And even aside from that, as a person, I'm also just naturally sensitive; this applies both emotionally and physically. How depression and anxiety show themselv...

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March 25, 2020

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