A spiritually charged candle to increase healing & love in any form. This candle can be used to raise your vibration via healing your spirit/aura, increase love in your life whether it's self-love, romantic or just to increase the general flow of love in your life. This 7 day candle is spiritually charged with reiki, herbs, intention & healing sound frequencies.

Fixed Love Candle

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  • This 7 day candle is fixed & reiki-infused. Reiki (ray-key) is an energy healing modality where universal healing energy is channeled via the physical body to another person/place/object. Reiki is a divinely intelligent energy that goes where it's directed yet also to whereever it's needed the most. ('Rei'= spiritual/supernatural; 'Ki' = vital/life force energy)

    'Fixed' candle = a candle that is 'dressed' with herbs & 'charged' with intentions/prayers/energy

    *Note*: 7 day candles (when allowed to burn continuously until finished) can last anywhere from 4-7 days. It varies with each candle.