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Why the name 'Indigo Smokes'?

Well, I didn't sit down and brainstorm the name, it moreso just came to me one day and since I'm naturally drawn to symbolism, I didn't have to think about the meaning behind the name, I just subconsciously understood and liked it based on what I already knew about color therapy and symbolism. With that being said, the answer to this question is a bit layered in it's meaning. So bear with me...

Lets start with Indigo,as it happens to be one of my favorite colors. It also represents an aspect of my personality due to the meanings and correspondences that are associated with it, hence why I sometimes refer to myself as "Indigo". Since indigo resides in-between violet and blue, these two colors each give their own meaning to it. The blue within indigo represents communication, meditation, honesty, trust, solid foundations and peace. The violet within indigo relates to & represents the soul, the Higher Self, inspiration as well as an innate awareness and comprehension of Life's Mysteries. Indigo generally represents the Sacred, liberation, freedom, 6th sense, the 3rd eye chakra, intuition, vision, wisdom, creativity, higher consciousness, meditation, introspection, clarity, healing, nonconformance, and following the personal truths that dwell within. Color therapy, color psychology and various spiritual/yogic traditions suggest that Indigo stimulates and strengthens the 6th chakra of intuition, the right brain, and creativity.

Smoke represents spirit, energy, the free-spirit and the mystical aspects of life. In specific relation to the brand name, 'smoke' is related to the fact that I personally find smoking to be a meditative and healing ritual in my daily life. While I do acknowledge that smoking and health is generally a contradiction and quite the oxymoron for a brand that focuses on wellness; I also think that when done in moderation & for the right reasons, smoking can be a healing practice. I'm not the first nor last to think of smoking in this way, as smoking for ceremonial, spiritual, aromatherapy and health related reasons dates back all the way to ancient times. Herbal smoking as an alternative, holistic approach to health and wellness is one of the many things 'Indigo Smokes' is about.

Instead of taking this answer as one of a concrete, static nature; understand this explanation as more of fluid brand manifesto. As my creativity doesn't flow as freely with too many rules and set limits, this brand isn't just one thing so I won't reduce it to such. 'Indigo Smokes' will consistently reflect various aspects of this explanation at any given time. I'm a free-spirit and so is my brand...