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Tarot, With Love💙

(Tarot decks in photo; Mermaid Tarot & Royo Dark Tarot)

"We can predict the future when we know how the present moment has evolved out of the past." -- Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist-Psychoanalyst & Founder of Analytical Psychology

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you'll call it fate." -- Carl Jung, Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst

Tarot has been around for centuries; reading tarot is a form of cartomancy. While the main use of tarot is for divination, they can be and are largely used for a variety of purposes (which this article will expound on, of course). A big myth surrounding tarot is that it is evil, wrong or sinful; none of which is truthful or valid. While there are some cards that have intimidating imagery or meanings, these cards are actually a masterful depiction of life and of all the experiences that life entails; good, bad and neutral.

Tarot, essentially, is a spiritual medium that provides insight & clarity on self and life as a whole. My personal experiences with tarot have been highly accurate, insightful and transformative. I've received many tarot readings throughout my life, most have been true and a few of the readings I received years ago are actually still playing out for me in my present life experiences. I got my first tarot deck when I was about 13 or so; and I've been in love with it ever since. Since tarot has enriched my life and guided me through some dark times, I've decided to not only write about it but also share the gift of tarot with others who may need it along their journey. 

Now, let’s delve into some ways that tarot is   utilized...

As a form of divination -- Each card is a story; a snapshot of energy with depths & layers of meaning. While the future is fluid & ever-changing with every decision we make, the cards can provide amazing insight into the most likely outcome of a situation, if said situation--or the people involved--continues along the same path it's already on when the reading is received. Having this awareness and knowledge gives a birds-eye view which can help those involved make the best decisions for the best final outcome. 

As a form of self-reflection/introspection-- Tarot is a sacred mirror, able to fully reflect the deeper truths within. It can help one to explore their energy and subconscious mind. With this tool, one can discover their core truths, challenges, and where one may be blocked in their growth, or life journey. This can also be used in self-care practices; for example, if your energy is feeling drained or just "off", pulling a card can help you to pinpoint why as well as show you what actions or energy you should step into to restore yourself.

As a problem solver, or decision making tool-- With tarot providing a higher perspective, you can see the surrounding energies of each decision,or option, you may have before you. Once again, this perspective helps to decide which option/decision is most in alignment with your energy and personal needs.

As a meditation tool-- As previously stated, each card is a snapshot of energy with depths of meaning to reflect on. When you spend enough time with a deck, or even a specific card, it continuously reveals its layered language, story and energy. Focusing on the symbology and imagery of the card, thus allowing the story to reveal itself to you is definitely a form of meditation. 

As a writing tool-- Whether spiritual, professional or creative writing, tarot can help you to journal your truth by acting as a writing prompt to jumpstart your mental process. Or it can inspire you by giving you ideas on storylines if you're writing a story. This can also help those who utilize automatic writing to channel & receive divine information, or guidance.

As a form of spiritual communication-- This is where people understandably get intimidated, but with the proper precautions there is absolutely nothing to fear when using tarot in this way. You can absolutely & safely use tarot to communicate with your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and/or of course, the Divine/Higher Power/God/etc. For example, if you're someone who meditates or prays on a consistent basis (even if you don't, actually), pulling a card after praying can provide confirmation or clarity on whatever you prayed about. Or, after meditating, you can pull a card to close your session with a divine message which can also serve as a confirmation to anything you may've discovered or received during your meditative session. The possibilities are honestly as endless as each person's individual experience. Tarot is as spiritually enriching as you allow it to be; so remain open and experimental. Let your own intuition guide you.

In closing, let's recap..

Tarot can provide a higher/bird's-eye view of life, fully able to give insight into the past, present and future. Tarot not only facilitates the exploration of all options and potentialities of your life but it can also provide validation--or confirmation-- that you're on the right path in life. Through tarot you can also realize your innate power and gifts. With your own intuition and creativity, all that you can learn and explore is up to you and your energy.