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Timeless Message: For those who feel lost in their journey...

Indigo Smokes Tarot Youtube Channel

This video is for a collective of people who feel like they're lost in their soul journey. This message is also timeless, meaning it applies whenever you come across it whether now or in a year from now, it doesn't matter. So if you come across this video at anytime and it resonates with your energy, then it applies to you.

Tips: This is a general reading so this may not be your story this time, or it could just be the energy hasn't manifested in your present experiences yet--you can check back at a later time to see if it resonates. Energy is fluid so the messages can apply to you or someone else in your energy which means the roles can be reversed. Tarot readings are a snapshot of a time in your life, this may have already happened/ it could be happening now/ or about to happen. Know that 3rd party situations(external energies/ people/situations) are not always romantic/intimate in nature(a.k.a., someone cheating on their spouse), thus, 3rd party energy can easily be a work situation or anything external that is heavily affecting you/your situation; whether directly or indirectly. Once more, because energy is fluid; your energy can show up as a King, Queen or Knight regardless of your actual gender.

I’m here to bring intuitive spiritual guidance for those that need it. My aim is to shed light, empower, heal & help people ascend into their peace and divine power. I hope the messages resonate with those that need it. Enjoy!

Note: General Readings for the Collective will NOT resonate with everyone. Take what applies and resonates for you & leave the rest. **Legal Disclaimer: My Videos & Spiritual Readings are for entertainment, clarity and spiritual purposes only. These are not to be substituted as medical, financial or legal advice. Please use your own good judgement and intuition when making major life decisions. My only job is to empower your ability to use your own intuition & give you a different perspective. Your job is to do what you intuitively know and feel is best for you. Thank you for tuning in. With love💙✌🏽