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Astrology Update: September 19, 2019...So..What's Your Karma? What Decision Will You Make?

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Here's a gem of information that I share with love. May this message facilitate your healing and ascension. - Indigo S.

"Be ready to make a decision between August 12th and September 19th 2019

Saturn is slowing down and about to turn direct in September.

Why is the time line sealing? Because of the galactic center activity with Jupiter.

Between Feb 28th and March 11th 2019 Mercury was direct and then retrograde over a square to our galactic center at Sagittarius 27.3 degrees.

During this time a new moon in Pisces opened up a portal, as many new moons do. But this was special regarding endings and learning great lessons, why? Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac – THE END. This happened on March 6th 2019.

Due to the square, much confusion ensued. “What do I Do? How do I do it?” There were two full moons in Libra the sign of partnerships, justice and indecision. March 20th and April 19th 2019 respectfully. In these arenas there had to be a “closure” officially so the new timeline could be selected by all souls. For some of us we had 6 months and for the majority of others only 3-4 months.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and this means it is the end of the cycle and waiting for the new. It is willing to sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed, ego, money, prestige, reputation in order to stand in its integrity and its love for whatever it holds dear. However, we all have free will and indecision (the negative aspect of Libra) could sabotage an amazing and successful new beginning.

The total solar and lunar eclipse in Cancer and Capricorn respectively, was about family, commitment, and patriotism. The full moon in Capricorn conjunct a retrograde Pluto and a south node was activated, but since this was an eclipse the energy collected is sitting in wait as “potential energy” to be release or revealed at a later date. This is why significant decisions must be made in the second week of August and after before it is too late for you to place yourself on the timeline you choose.

The full moon in Capricorn was at 24 degrees. On July 31st Mercury will turn direct at 23 degrees, in Cancer. Reigniting the opposition. STRONGLY. This will trigger and reveal some of the potential energy lying in wait from the eclipsed Capricorn full moon on July 16th 2019.

On August 12th Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. This will be when much justice is served but does so in a peace-meal fashion. This is just the beginning. For some it will be great abundance and others great pain.

Mercury direct will re-trigger the full moon in Capricorn tension/opposition between the sun in Cancer. Great news and information will be revealed via text, social media or reports, meetings, trials or discussions. This news will cause people to “scramble” to position themselves before the timeline seals. This is the first phase or response or reaction.

The second phase is the direct movement of Jupiter, but this will feel very “natural” and “subtle” with support, however, do not be fooled. This is a tee-up for more to come. Many people will feel like they do not need to “do anything” and that it is “all in the bag” not so, not at all.

On September 14th 2019 there is a full moon in Pisces which ends the portal, the galactic center initiation (which was never fully completed) and shortly thereafter on September 19th 2019 Saturn goes direct. Remember Pisces and Capricorn are sextile to one another. Support one another in each of their missions.

On this day, the timeline is officially sealed. You should find the energy different and for many of you on a new path or mindset completely. Friends who were close to you in the past may be gone. Friends who are with you for another phase of your life …well, they are not going anywhere. So, which life did you choose?

If you went back to a failing relationship, idea, job or whatever you will be faced with failure for another 12 years at a minimum. Discarding people who entered your life to support and love you will find people who truly appreciate them and what they have to offer. The love you once felt with this person or group will feel “take advantage of or manipulated” and the abundance you thought would be there forever will disappear. Believe me when I say people will no longer tolerate being an “option” or being “hidden” those days are over.

However, if you embraced commitment, loyalty, and diligence and following the rules…. when Saturn goes direct he will support you through the unconditional love energy sent to him by the sextile with Pisces. This is unconditional. If you choose love you will get more love, if you choose order and rule you will be met with compliance and ease, if you choose courage of self and fairness to ALL (not just to some) you will be met with victory.

However, interestingly enough it won’t really feel like anything is happening. It will feel like the same ol same ol’ – chaos over here…..partnership over there…..what’s the big deal?

Well, on October 4th 2019 Pluto goes direct. The planet of destruction, death and re-birth. It goes direct at 20 degrees which is within a 4 degree orb of the full moon in Capricorn on July 16th 2019. Massive upheaval happens on or around this day. And it will come out of the blue. This is the first “hit” This is when you will look back and you are seeing the timeline you actually selected – for good or for bad. This is where the “chickens come home to roost.”

Take a flashback to April 11th 2019. This is when Jupiter just barely touched orb of the galactic center. Just a slight energy feel. This was the predictive energy that Jupiter (or more appropriately the galactic center) has been preparing you for. What happened at this time that made you change direction? But then all of the ghosts from the past during the retrogrades came back to tempt you to stay stuck? Note, this energy around April and the direction you took to get out of “dodge” or “dysfunction” revisited you from May to July so that you could officially “close” the chapter. If you discovered great love, great kindness, and great support when you broke away from dysfunction – the universe handed you a great gift, but you were being tested on your commitment to your decision when planets went retrograde. Did you decide to go back to a failed endeavor that you have tried many times but never resulted in happiness? To note this had everything to do with status, career and reputation. If you sacrificed true love to keep up with the Jones’s you will search for love will yield perhaps for some of you NOTHING for the next 12 years. For others if you chose love over ego, you feel as though you slayed one of your biggest personal vicious dragons of all time. You will feel this without question, when Jupiter conjuncts the galactic center going direct on November 19th 2019. Remember, you are already in your new timeline. It is as this time you will finally feel and see if you “chose” the new timeline or if you are to remain stuck in the old timeline.

On December 16th 2019 Venus will now trigger the full moon eclipse energy in Capricorn that happened on July 16th 2019. This will speak to the love choice you made. You will experience losing the love of your life because of your pride, and for some you will see great depression and even suicide…. or you will experience ecstasy of which you have never experienced before. For many the ecstasy may translate to great love of family, friends and co-workers. What did you choose?

On January 13th 2020 Mercury, now direct, will re-trigger the Capricorn full moon eclipse in July 16th of 2019. This is the DAY where you can and will experience ALL of the potentialized energy from the eclipse to be released. It will feel as if it is a whisper on the breeze. People talking and people being curious. On the surface, not a big deal at all…..or so it seems.

Finally, and last but not least, on January 23rd 2020 Saturn will re-trigger the full moon eclipse in Capricorn which happened on July 16th 2019 which is ALSO conjuncting Pluto direct in Capricorn within a 1 degree orb. This is the final chapter and the final scene where upheaval, restriction, people being thrown in jail, massive karma (good or bad) will be felt with a vengeance. The adherence to the rules and to law is unquestionable. One foot out of line and punishment will be felt. Many will receive 10 times the karma they put out. Like I said for good of for bad. It is very important that all of us embrace the positive traits of Capricorn, and they are these:

  • Commitment

  • Loyalty

  • Hard Work

  • Diligence

  • Never enable anyone, people achieve through hard work not hand-outs

  • Saving money

  • Ensuring you stand for something or you will fall for anything and in the end lose it all as well

  • Be rational

Watch out for the negative characteristics i.e., don’t do it:

  • Judge a book by its cover or how much influence or money it has

  • Keeping up with the Jones’s

  • Worried more about your reputation than your happiness

  • Going along with the crowd because you either don’t know what you want or you want to stay safe.

  • Going back to something that has failed several times and trying to fix it

What you will decide (finally) and many of you before, by September 19th 2019 will determine your timeline for about the next 12 years. Did you choose love or failure, support or vampirism, pain or joy, truth or lies? Good luck."


Astrology Source: https://psychicsoundsbyb.com/time-line-sealing-september-2019/