• Indigo

Collective Message For Starseeds (Awakened & Unawakened)

I’m here to bring intuitive spiritual guidance for those that need it. My aim is to shed light, empower, heal & help people ascend into their peace and divine power. I hope the messages resonate with those that need it. This message is for starseeds who may be feeling discouraged or confused in their journey. Enjoy! :)

Note: General Readings for the Collective will NOT resonate with everyone. Take what applies and resonates for you & leave the rest. **Legal Disclaimer: My Videos & Spiritual Readings are for entertainment, clarity and spiritual purposes only. These are not to be substituted as medical, financial or legal advice. Please use your own good judgement and intuition when making major life decisions. My only job is to empower your ability to use your own intuition & give you a different perspective. Your job is to do what you intuitively know and feel is best for you. Thank you for tuning in. With love💙✌🏽