Black is King: Spiritual Symbolism Pt. 3

August 30, 2020

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Hey, I’m Indigo aka Alexis. This is my personal interpretation, or decoding, of Black is King. This message is strongly for melanated people. I hope this video eliminates fear surrounding African Spirituality and stimulates the curiousity of those who are new to spirituality and rediscovering their ancestral roots. For the open-minded and spiritually aware. Pretty much all of what I say in this video can be verified via research, which I openly encourage everyone who watches to do for themselves so that you can come to your own conclusions. I’ve also mentioned some other sources via hashtag who speak on some of the same things I speak about in these videos so that you can do your own research and also listen to others with the similar spiritual knowledge. 🙏🏽Thank you in advance for watching & Enjoy💙✌🏽 #adunolatheoracle #blackisking #asherastargoddess #conjurequeen #beyonce #africanspirituality #lionking


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