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New Arrival ~ Peace N Chill Herbal Blend

Herbal blend via pre-rolls and jar

Indigo Smokes is proud to finally present the first herbal blend crafted for your spiritual wellness & leisure. For the rest of September until October 7th, this blend (in jar form) will be 20% off when using the coupon code: Indie20. Enjoy!!

Relax, Unwind, Chill, Meditate...

This blend contains: skullcap, lemon balm, lavender, marshmallow leaf, spearmint, mullein, hops flowers, and california poppy with hints of vanilla.

Physiological benefits: promotes calm & relaxation, soothes & supports nervous system, anti-anxiety/stress relief, eases insomnia/mild sedative, anti inflammatory properties for the respiratory system, mild expectorant properties & also anti-bacterial properties.

Spiritual benefits: Promotes spiritual cleansing & healing, helps to remove spiritual/energetic blockages, encourages spiritual strength, peace of mind, stimulates 3rd & crown chakras, promotes mental strength, spiritual protection & blessings.

This blend can be used in 3 ways: as tea, for smoking and also spiritual bathing.

Disclaimer: Although I always test my blends on myself/loved ones & it is SAFE and NATURAL; ALWAYS check with your healthcare provider & feel free to research the ingredients for yourself if you're ever unsure about any ingredients in regards to your health/allergies.