• Indigo S.

Angel Number 711 + Tarot Read

Number 7 Meaning ~ Spirituality, Ascension, Introspection, Wisdom, Truth-Seeker, Mysticism, Psychic Awareness, Esotericism, Mystery, Mastery, Study, Research, Intuition, Experiential Knowledge, Good Fortune, Divinity, Gnosis. Associated Planets/Luminaries: Neptune/Ketu/Moon

Master Number 11 Meaning ~ Awakening, Ascension, Psychic Ability, Enlightenment, Intuition, Knowing, Illumination, Activation, Manifestation, High Vibrations, Optimism, Initiative, Leadership, Truth, Balance, Higher Mind, Inspiration, Humanitarian, Empathy. Associated Planets/Luminaries: Uranus/Moon

(7+1+1=9) Number 9 Meaning ~ End of a Cycle, Near Completion, Altruism, Destiny, Life Purpose, Soul Mission, Generosity, A Higher Perspective, Inner-Strength, Courage, Release, Understanding, Forgiveness, The Arts, A Visionary, Wisdom, Leadership, Integration, Passion, Ideals, Life Lessons, Charity, Compassion, Responsibility, Service to Humanity. Associated Planet:Mars

Message: You've likely been through enough at this point to know who/what you are, if not, you're evolving into this. You're stepping into authenticity, a higher vibration and a higher mind. Seeking truth, depth, meaning, freedom, newness. Asking questions & experiencing synchronicities. It's time to activate and nourish your vision/passion/truth.

Your Angels & intuition...ARE speaking to you. You may feel called to the Mysteries of Life/Spirit. You have a deep knowing, even if you aren't fully aware of this yet. Truths are being revealed to you; either by "coincidence" or merely by your truth-seeking nature.

It's strongly suggested to remove yourself from outdated traditions/beliefs/routines to start your own. Do your own thing. Follow your own internal compass. Manifest your vision, but first get clear on what your vision is...what does it look/feel like? Where are you in this vision? What do you smell? What are you doing in this vision? Elaborately envision the details & go from there.

Your truth, your passion, your vision...will excite you, intimidate you, energize you & ultimately guide you. Drown out the small-minded, dogmatic people & environments that are keeping you limited and trapped. Home is where ever the heart & soul abundantly flourish. You may start to find solace and nourishment in esoteric practices and/or a more non-conformist lifestyle. Authenticity IS Revolutionary when you live in a fake world (a.k.a the matrix). You've reached a new point in your journey. If you haven't already discovered your purpose, it just might be right around the corner...So Enjoy. Embrace.Thrive. 💙💙💙