• Indigo S.

Spiritual Self-Care

"As above, so below. As within, so without." - Hermetic Principle

We are multi-faceted, multidimensional, infinite pieces of the universe incarnated into physical bodies to experience what it is to be human. We are electric beings consisting of mind, body, spirit and soul; to acknowledge any one of these without the others is akin to appreciating a car but not it's engine or to appreciate the sky but not it's stars. Through creation and incarnations, the universe gets to experience itself fully through us, literally. Why incarnate as human if not to learn & live to the highest of our potential? You matter. Your soul matters. Every aspect of you...matters. Your value is inherent, you just have to realize it & follow through. I state this priorly because it's much easier to value & take care of yourself accordingly when you know not only who you are but also what you are; which is cosmic energy solidified into dense matter. You are a cosmic anomaly, unlike any other.

Throughout the uncertain times we're currently experiencing as a collective, spiritual hygiene is as essential as it's physical counterpart. We/You are, in essence, responsible for the energy we/you predominantly carry. What all does spiritual self care encompass? It encompasses mental/emotional/physical well-being, your lifestyle, your personal environment, your spiritual practice, your core values, your relationship with self, what you consume on all levels (food, entertainment and also the people you surround yourself with),and what you give your time/energy to. This all directly affects your energy/energetic frequency. As you read the following, keep in mind a few fundamentals;

  1. Everything is energy, hence, everything has a "spirit"/consciousness of it's own.

  2. Like attracts like.

  3. Cleansing is a form of healing.

With that being stated, some spaces/places/things/people carry an energy that make us feel comfortable/safe/refreshed, to be around. On the flip side, some of these very same things can make us feel "on edge", uncomfortable, anxious, drained, irritable and/or "heavy"/melancholic; even if we aren't consciously aware of these feelings, we're aware of them on intuitive/subconscious level. This understanding of energy and how "contagious" it can be completely supports the necessity of spiritual hygiene as a consistent practice.

What are some indications that spiritual cleansing/protection is needed? Lower energy levels via often feeling drained/melancholic/irritable/fearful and/or anxious, feeling disconnected from Self/Spirit, confusing emotions/thoughts-- aka lack of overall clarity, and recovering from toxic relationships or traumatic events; these are just a few indications a cleansing is needed. Spiritual cleansing/protection is also needed after leaving hospitals & cemeteries due to the "heavier" energies that these places can carry, which are inadvertently "picked up"/absorbed via the aura/spirit. Those who work in the spiritual, service and health industries (i.e, spiritual workers/advisors, customer service reps, doctors, nurses, psychologists,etc) should spiritually cleanse & protect themselves daily due to the constant 1-on-1 energy exchange between them and those they encounter who may be dealing with physical/mental/emotional burdens or turmoil. Even for those who aren't encountering these situations or spiritual symptoms on a regular basis--taking care of your energy daily is equally important as energy is constantly being transferred/exchanged/absorbed via you and others throughout the day, with or without your active awareness of doing so.

The first step of practicing spiritual hygiene consists of cleansing/protecting your energy field & the energetic field of the space(s) you consistently dwell in. When the "lower/heavier" energies aren't consistently cleansed/cleared away, it then gets to accumulate thus becoming a vessel/conduit to attracting more of the same energy via situations/people that carry "low/heavy" energy. Spiritual cleansing removes the unwanted energy & replaces it with more balanced/desirable/positive energy depending on the method of cleansing. Spiritual cleansing can be done via spiritual baths, incense( i.e., sage, palo santo, cedar, frankincense,etc..), spiritual colognes/perfumes( i.e., florida water, agua de ruda, kolonia 1800, etc..) visualization/affirmations,candle burning, egg limpias, crystals, healing sounds/frequencies and also being in/connecting with nature. (More on specific methods later w/ more content and products.)

In addition to the above, protecting your energy is equally & always important. Much of what I've mentioned for energy clearing can also be used for ongoing energetic protection. Other ways of protecting your energy;

  1. Set healthy boundaries--for both yourself and others. Know yourself-- know your limits--physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually--aka what you can/can't tolerate, your preferences, and your needs/essentials for a peaceful & fulfilling life. What brings you peace? Who contributes to your peace? How do you protect your peace? What can't you tolerate or accept from others? Or from yourself? What makes you uncomfortable? What/Who stresses you out too much? What/Who causes you to feel resentful? What/who causes you to feel drained? What makes you feel secure? Are there any energy vampires around you that you need to keep your distance from? If your interactions/involvements with certain situations/people consistently cause you to feel drained/tired, overly stressed/anxious, resentful, or weighed down/melancholic... these feelings are your cues showing where your limits are and where your boundaries need to be placed. Once you answer these questions for yourself, act accordingly as soon as you can. Keep your distance from unwanted/negative situations/people/things as much as you can without using this as an escape from what/whom actually needs to be dealt with. Be direct moving forward about what you will/won't give your time & energy to. Prioritize self-care because it's also self-preservation; focus on what brings you more peace, fulfillment, energy and an optimistic perspective. It's okay to say no. It's okay to set boundaries. Remember that you can only give from a full cup.

  2. Unplug yourself regularly. Take a break from social media, T.V., phones,etc.. Whether it's for an hour, a day, a week or how ever long you decide; you need a break. Take time to be with yourself, to think, to breathe, to self-heal & self-reflect. Just vibe with yourself, play some music, read a book, rest, do something creative/expressive,etc.. Through solitude & a calm mind you can gain more clarity, insight and restoration from within; which is why it's imperative to allow time away from external distractions so that you can tune into Self.

  3. Utilize sea salt baths & himalayan salt lamps. Electromagnetic pollution/radiation is alive and thriving all around us; the constant exposure to this form of pollution leads to allot of us feeling more depleted & stressed, which naturally weakens our immune systems. Sea salt is a good neutralizer--both spiritually/energetically & physically. Natural sea salt baths are great for removing negative energy and blockages on a spiritual level just as it's good for detoxification, increased circulation, stress reduction and transdermal mineral absorption on physical level. From a spiritual standpoint, sea salt leaves a protective "residue" on the aura, which is very helpful in protecting your energy field from unwanted intrusions after you've taken your spiritual cleansing bath. Because salt is related to the earth element, it's energy is extremely grounding, calming, stabilizing and protective. Sea salt lamps, from a scientific standpoint, are useful because they emit negative ions and neutralize positive ions--which is a good thing, because negative ions are naturally occurring in nature & are beneficial to be exposed to while the positive ions from the electromagnetic fields of electronics cause issues when overexposed to them. Hence, these lamps are great for reducing artificial frequencies and static build-up while purifying the air & energy of the space it occupies.

  4. Daily Spiritual Practices. Having a steady spiritual practice is beneficial on both a psychological/spiritual level--which is kind of redundant to say because they're both interconnected but nonetheless, the benefits can speak for themselves. Incorporating a spiritual practice into your self-care routine helps to create a certain steadiness & groundedness for not only your energy but also for your entire lifestyle because you're giving yourself something that you can rely on for more peace & grounding, especially in times of stress or uncertainty. Humans crave a certain level of consistency/security in order to feel safe, and since we can't control everything, we have to give ourselves this security thorough our own actions and routines. Another reason to have a regular spiritual practice is because it helps to create mindfulness of the present moment, because all we ever truly have IS the present moment; the past is gone and the future isn't here yet. Although there are many benefits, I'll conclude with the last but not least of them; having a spiritual practice connects you to your true Self & Spirit, and this connection itself is wonderful way to truly strengthen & protect your energy/spirit in the long-term.

Now spiritual practices vary from person to person, obviously, so it's about what feels right for you; you can always evolve into a different practice. If you already have a practice that works for you, great, keep it up. For those who don't have one already and are open to suggestions; start by incorporating affirmations, prayer, meditation (either all of these or whichever suits you better). It can be as simple as taking time to light a candle and saying a prayer/affirmation then sitting for a while in meditation, listening to music or journaling. You can also light a candle as an offering to your higher self, to strengthen your awareness of your true self/divinity. That's it, it can truly be that simple; the only rule is that whatever your practice, it should bring you peace, increase your mindfulness and refresh your energy overall.

Ancestral Veneration/Honoring your Ancestors... Let's clarify before moving forward...Ancestral veneration is NOT worship, period. Veneration, especially in this context, is simply honoring them & showing respect to those who came before you. Why do this? While yes, your ancestors are intrinsic to you already via your blood/spirit also keep in mind that energy isn't created nor destroyed, it only transfers or changes form; this is a well known scientific fact. So this means that just because someone is dead in physical form, doesn't mean that their energy ceases to exist. Ancestors live on through their descendants, descendants carry the karma of their ancestors(generational karma) and ancestral energy always exists in the spiritual realm. So with this connection, it's important to honor & spiritually elevate your ancestors because the relationship is symbiotic; you grow, they grow... you honor them, they honor you, you ascend & heal, they ascend & heal,..and so on, so forth. After your higher self (your truest,most divine self), your ancestors are your 1st line of spiritual protection/defense from negative entities/situations/etc. So with that being said, I've provided the basics for ancestral veneration below, keep it simple at first then as you evolve this process will tranform with you;

  1. Set aside a space for an altar, this can be a dresser, table, a nook,etc. A space that won't be otherwise tampered with by other people or animals. Proceed to spiritually cleanse the area with any of the previous methods I mentioned earlier. Place a clear, clean glass of water on the altar with a white candle. If you have photos, obituaries, or just names of your deceased loved ones/ancestors, place these on the altar, too. If you don't have said photos/names, write on a piece of paper "For all of my ancestors who walk with me, love me, guide me and protect me."; then place the paper somewhere on the altar. *Note: This altar is only for deceased people, don't place any living person's name/photos on this altar.*

  2. Once the altar is set up, you can just talk to them as you would a physical person or as you would if you were visiting their grave. If not that, you can also just say a simple prayer for them, this can be a traditional prayer or one you create yourself. A simple prayer could be, "I pray for/affirm the healing, overall empowerment and ascension for my ancestors/spirit guides, may your souls have peace and freedom wherever you may be in the afterlife/universe. Amen/Ase."

  3. Make sure to replace the offerings on the altar regularly, every few days or once a week is a cool start. The glass of cool water is a conduit for spiritual energy, and it's a fundamental offering to spirits as a way to give them energy and spiritual access to the space and offering you've provided for them. Just because spirits are in a different existence, outside of a physical body, doesn't necessarily mean that their existence is a happy, nourishing or a peaceful one. Offerings give them more energy & spiritual nourishment. The lit candle is also an offering, the fire not only gives them more energy, but it also acts a warm, guiding light if the spirit is kind of lost. The fire also acts as a spiritual "switch", so to speak, so that they're aware of you and the space you've created for them.

  4. Remember to pay more attention to your night dreams; spiritual communication from our ancestors & guides often happens through dreams, daydreams and synchronicities. So make sure to write them down in a notebook/journal when you wake up. *Note:The details of dreams can leave extremely fast, so jot them down while you still remember them. Even if you can't recall everything, write down whatever you remember.*

And there you have it, this is part 2 of my #mentalhealth post. This list is what I consider to be the basics of spiritual hygiene/self-care. I hope that this was not only helpful but also easy to follow and understand. Stay tuned, as I have more content on the way. :) In the meantime, protect your peace..