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  • Indigo S.

Spiritual Self-Care

"As above, so below. As within, so without." - Hermetic Principle

We are multi-faceted, multidimensional, infinite pieces of the universe incarnated into physical bodies to experience what it is to be human. We are electric beings consisting of mind, body, spirit and soul; to acknowledge any one of these without the others is akin to appreciating a car but not it's engine or to appreciate the sky but not it's stars. Through creation and incarnations, the universe gets to experience itself fully through us, literally. Why incarnate as human if not to learn & live to the highest of our potential? You matter. Your soul matters. Every aspect of you...matters. Your value is inherent, you just have to realize it & follow through. I state this priorly because it's much easier to value & take care of yourself accordingly when you know not only who you are but also what you are; which is cosmic energy solidified into dense matter. You are a cosmic anomaly, unlike any other.

Throughout the uncertain times we're currently experiencing as a collective, spiritual hygiene is as essential as it's physical counterpart. We/You are, in essence, responsible for the energy we/you predominantly carry. What all does spiritual self care encompass? It encompasses mental/emotional/physical well-being, your lifestyle, your personal environment, your spiritual practice, your core values, your relationship with self, what you consume on all levels (food, entertainment and also the people you surround yourself with),and what you give your time/energy to. This all directly affects your energy/energetic frequency. As you read the following, keep in mind a few fundamentals;

  1. Everything is energy, hence, everything has a "spirit"/consciousness of it's own.

  2. Like attracts like.

  3. Cleansing is a form of healing.

With that being stated, some spaces/places/things/people carry an energy that make us feel comfortable/safe/refreshed, to be around. On the flip side, some of these very same things can make us feel "on edge", uncomfortable, anxious, drained, irritable and/or "heavy"/melancholic; even if we aren't consciously aware of these feelings, we're aware of them on intuitive/subconscious level. This understanding of energy and how "contagious" it can be completely supports the necessity of spiritual hygiene as a consistent practice.